China bans the Japanese game GO Pokémon

Chinese netizens are wondering what is this Pokémon GO thing. And then, why they cannot play. Except in Hong Kong, which is governed by a special regime under the slogan “One country, two systems’, the game cannot be downloaded or used in the PRC. And, considering that in the former British colony the police and had to throw several […]

Pokémon GO: How to capture Ditto?

Pokémon GO each day holds new surprises, from the possible locations of Pikachu up bugs that you cannot always hunt. Let’s start by explaining that Ditto is a normal Pokémon type of the first generation. Its gelatinous form and make it modified DNA to reproduce with almost any other Pokémon. But what about Ditto? Why nobody has […]

Get Pokémon Go the ‘Poke Radar’ to capture all and find rare pokémon

New game around monent. 150 copies are possible with this trick. Revolution Pokémon GO has launched thousands of people to the streets in search of new catch every day.You may find these “pocket monsters” everywhere, but there are those who seek to be more demanding and do not conform to find any Pokémon. For these, it has come a new […]

The launch of ‘Pokémon GO Plus’ will be delayed until September

The Pokémon Company, a subsidiary of Japanese giant Nintendo video games, has announced that it will launch the ‘Pokémon GO Plus’ device this month as planned and will delay marketing until September. The announcement was made in two messages through the social network Twitter by the European and US subsidiaries of Nintendo, which local media assume that the release of […]

Pokemon Go, an escape from reality

While that virtual / digital is taking positions, conquering slowly, with more haste than pause to reality. The zeroes and ones of binary code ordering the language and thinking of the computer are gaining ground to the material, to the factual, that which is touched and is subject to ‘the sharp contours of the created’ (Pedro Salinas dixit) . We […]

Pokémon GO easy trick: how to create new PokéStops and gyms

The craze for Pokémon grows and grows. Now we present a must to succeed in the game trick. One of the essential things for any coach worth their salt GO Pokémon is carrying backpack always loaded properly. Pokéballs, potions, incense and other items needed for a good day of catching Pokémon, which supply us we can go to the nearest Poképarada. But this […]

Deaths ‘Pokémon Go’ and other follies

Yet figures ‘Pokémon Go’ in Spain are known, but preliminary indications suggest that resemble those of the United States, where he confirmed that the app is already a phenomenon. And so in other countries where the app is now available Nintendo. Its overwhelming success has also brought some problems, such as severe accidents, theft or […]

Pokémon Go achieves record in the Apple App Store

Pokémon Go is very popular, so popular that it has broken records in the App Store. Friday, Apple confirmed that Pokémon Go was downloaded more times in its first week than any other app in history. The company declined to give total figures, and not say what app held the previous record. Pokémon Go has become a cultural phenomenon since […]

Pokémon GO – Complete list of Pokémon you can catch

Pokémon Go has taken over the streets, and, for the moment, it seems that the new phenomenon of Nintendo and has Niantic end … At least in the short term. Go where you go, the odds of seeing someone, mobile in hand, trying to capture a wild Pokémon are very high. Hell, it’s likely that you’re reading words while […]

The clever tricks hatching eggs in Pokémon GO

When Pokémon GO left one of his great virtues was that encouraged players to go out and walk. One of the charms of the game is standing on the sofa at home is impossible to complete the collection of creatures. Go outside allows the user to meet new pokémons, battling in gyms and incubate the famous eggs. The application of Niantic and Nintendo […]

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