China bans the Japanese game GO Pokémon

Chinese netizens are wondering what is this Pokémon GO thing. And then, why they cannot play. Except in Hong Kong, which is governed by a special regime under the slogan “One country, two systems’, the game cannot be downloaded or used in the PRC. And, considering that in the former British colony the police and had to throw several warnings to educate their fans need to be careful, it seems that the Beijing government has any intention to lift the veto. According to different sources, the Communist leaders do not intend to grant the necessary permits to launch the application.

Furthermore, although they did, most smartphone users would be unable to use the game as it is developed: first because it requires the use of Google Maps, and all services of the US giant are blocked by default in the terminals They sold in China; and, secondly, because those who have the system Google in the mobile would also need to connect to a VPN virtual network that allows them to skip censorship that prevents connection with any service search and access maps.

Finally, even those who manage to skip those two pitfalls, you will realize that there is just nothing to hunt in China. Apparently, the characters that must be fought are locked in a wide geographical area comprising most of the country, so that only a few Chinese have managed to discover the little creatures of Nintendo in remote provinces like Xinjiang -in the end nor occidental- -in the northeast-and Liaoning, which are outside the empty quadrant. There, players who are organizing themselves across-the Chinese version of Weibo and WeChat Twitter–the equivalent of Whatsapp- to give advice and send a decrypted version of the game-and soon established. But they are a small minority compared with the nearly 700 million Internet’s most populous country on Earth.

Only a few Chinese have managed to discover Pokémon’s in remote provinces like Xinjiang and Liaoning

However, it is difficult to prevent something that interests them finish coming in one form or another. And in the twenty-first century it could not be otherwise: the game developer Shenzhen Science Culture Tanyu Interactive has created a copy, Jingling GO Chengshi which can be translated as Monsters in the GO- City, and has managed to become the most downloaded application of both the Apple Store and the different platforms used in the Asian giant for Android devices. COUNTRY has tested and are obvious similarities and major differences.

This is a game in which, as with Pokémon GO, you must discover and annihilating monsters around the city. Likewise, the mobile uses the map application in this case Baidu Maps- and GPS to show the user where to find the closest bugs. But, unlike the Japanese game, there are no augmented reality: the stage is standard and has nothing to do with what is around. The camera is not used at any time. Moreover, although theoretically is not designed for it, you can even play quietly sitting on the couch and moving around the city virtually.

In any case, the company that developed the game states that copy has nothing. That, if anything, has been Nintendo which has borrowed his idea. For ‘Monsters in the GO City’ it was launched in March, when the Japanese were still looking for players to test an application whose content was unknown. However, they acknowledge that the ‘name’ GO itself is new, and it is precisely what is causing many users download it from biting and thinking it’s the original.

 Geolocation shows in Shanghai where we hunt the monsters are. ZIGOR ALDAMA

“I thought I was playing Pokémon and I realize that I have cast a Chinese copy” jokes a user on Weibo. “It’s a game with ‘Chinese characteristics’. No need to leave home, so the authorities do not have to worry that there are accidents or crimes committed as happens elsewhere, “adds another. Meanwhile, the official Chinese media is responsible for making Internet users believe that Pokémon GO not worth it. The newspaper Global Times, for example, warned that the game can put at risk the privacy of users and quoted an expert who said the game will also install a Trojan virus.

On the other hand, national television CCTV has paid particular attention to what happens in Hong Kong to prove that Pokémon GO “is a threat to youth, walking even more distracted than usual and leaving aside their obligations as students or workers.” Even the independent Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post said in an opinion piece that “Pokémon GO also comes the virus of stupidity”. Finally, several sociologists have expressed concern at the possible arrival of the game to China. “Our society is much more prone to addiction to this type of online games. If it is a problem now, this application can further aggravate this social scourge, “he said Tao Ran, Chinese army colonel and psychiatrist specializing in Internet addiction .


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