Deaths ‘Pokémon Go’ and other follies

Yet figures ‘Pokémon Go’ in Spain are known, but preliminary indications suggest that resemble those of the United States, where he confirmed that the app is already a phenomenon. And so in other countries where the app is now available Nintendo. Its overwhelming success has also brought some problems, such as severe accidents, theft or even a shooting, fortunately, to date of publication of this article, none of these tragedies has caused deaths.

These are some of the craziness that has unleashed ‘Pokémon Go’. Click on the link below if you want to discover what are dangers of playing ‘Pokémon Go’.

A MAN GUNS Pokemon trainers

The United States was one of the first countries in which he appeared so that citizens who do not play the app fashionable sure are tired of hearing about these creatures and running into people walking with his eyes ‘Pokémon Go’ still on the screen. A citizen of Palm Coast, Florida, shot two young men playing a ‘Pokémon Go’ in front of his house. The man went out at dawn to hear noises in a car parked in front of his home. Seeing him with a gun, the two young men ripped the car and tried to escape while the home owner did not hesitate to shoot.

Find out what are rarer to find pokemons.

CENTRAL PARK packed Pokémon Trainer

‘Pokémon Go’ has gone mad, literally everyone. A test are videos recorded this weekend in Central Park in New York where hundreds of people gathered after learning that there had appeared one Vaporeon, one of the Pokémon that appears infrequently in the game. The images show the crowd coming to the park, leaving the car stopped anywhere and running to catch the water Eevee evolution type.


Just over a week after its launch, the app Nintendo has already caused several accidents in the real world. The obligation to go following the map and not looking up from the screen has caused two young men fell off a cliff more than 10 meters in California, so they had to be rescued.Meanwhile, a YouTube user fell into a pool of water while broadcasting live their hunt at night.

There have been many falls and abuses around the world, though still without regret any deaths.


The success of the app developed by Niantic has also unleashed the ingenuity of thieves who use the features of the game to steal easily. Criminals attract players Pokémon dangerous neighborhoods to keep their belongings. How can we attract them? Using items that appear in thepokeparadas as incense or bait module.

One of the features of the game is that Pokémon and gyms can appear in different parts of the map, so that sometimes can concentrate several players at the same point. It happened in Britishsex shop, a place where a Pokémon gym is located and attended by several coaches who decided to round up the store to get your medal. Australian Commissioner Darwin also suffered an invasion of Pokemaníacos since it was there where the app had placed a Sandshrew.

Some users have shared their surprise to learn that his own house was a Pokémon gym. However, they do not hide their concern about the continuous passage of Pokémon trainers to get medals.

Pokemon Labor and Delivery

There are some very hooked on users ‘Pokémon Go’, so they can not wait to play or even during one of the most beautiful moments of your life. This is what happened to youtuber Jonatham Theriot who shared a picture of his wife in the delivery room about to give birth while he was playing ‘Pokémon Go’.

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