Get Pokémon Go the ‘Poke Radar’ to capture all and find rare pokémon

New game around monent. 150 copies are possible with this trick. Revolution Pokémon GO has launched thousands of people to the streets in search of new catch every day.You may find these “pocket monsters” everywhere, but there are those who seek to be more demanding and do not conform to find any Pokémon. For these, it has come a new application that tells them where to look. This is the ‘Poke Radar’.

This application offers users Pokémon GO radar with which locate in each zone Pokémons there who have managed to catch other coaches. The dynamic is simple. Anyone can register the place that has seen a Pokémon in particular, and other users can validate this information in order to confirm how accurate it is.

Another option offered by the Poke Radar is to make a searching a particular Pokémon, as there are some that are harder to find in the virtual reality of Pokémon GO. Coaches can write in the search box the name of pokémon of your dreams, and radar data capture and always jump when it is not too far away.

In principle, this application was designed to iOS operating systems, but it can have users also GO’s Pokémon is Android smartphone. Another advantage of this is that the Poke Radar is complimentary.

Despite such positive data being recorded in the first days of life GO Pokémon, Nintendo has stated that it has limited success in its results. This has made the actions of the game (which rose 100% to its release) have begun to subside, with a drop of 17% during Monday morning.

Nintendo, inventor of these “pocket monsters” more than two decades, is not directly involved in this title: Niantic has developed this application free but with additional payment functions.

The Pokemon Company is a subsidiary owned 32% by the creator of Super Mario. Due to this accounting scheme level impact of benefits on the results sheet Nintendo “is limited,” he recalled the company. The company explained that this is already reflected in its profit forecast made last April and has no plans to change by the time its financial forecast.


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