Pokemon Go, an escape from reality

While that virtual / digital is taking positions, conquering slowly, with more haste than pause to reality. The zeroes and ones of binary code ordering the language and thinking of the computer are gaining ground to the material, to the factual, that which is touched and is subject to ‘the sharp contours of the created’ (Pedro Salinas dixit) .

We are gorgeous, courageous, imaginative, kind, tender, caring Facebook, Twitter, in Whatsapp. Immediately we congratulate birthday, we wish the best for all, with the euphoria of drunken own props invaded by an attack of false friendship in the middle of the bar. Similarly, when a keyboard and screen hides us becomes curtain, almost wall that separates us from the real world, sometimes reveal the worst side of our personality. Insults and threats also fill networks, making internet cloaca and sink. All this coexists in the same space and at the same time, converting the digital era in a fleeting and contradictory kaleidoscope.

We flee from reality, where we are neither so supportive, not so brave, not so kind. Undertake an escape into deep space of the virtual because, face to face, insult becomes unpleasant and even dangerous. We seek, in short, safe parapet behind a screen that satisfies desires and fills us that … almost always for a small fee to make ends meet.

They believed the men who could dominate the machines simply because they were created, but who controls Pinocchio, more and better, his Gepetto. So atheists and unbelievers who never set foot in a church come today to the sacristy looking for valuable Pokémons; why souls fly over traffic lights and zebra -da steps like the oncoming car, with its unfailingly certainty ‘four – cylinder V’- hunting for a being that does not exist. So there are solemn epitaphs on tombs absurd that read: ‘died by charging a Pikachu’.

Pokémon Go, the game of smartphones that already has over 50 million users worldwide, rampaging traded. Nintendo, the company that owns Pokémon Company, has been a dizzying rise in its shares and brand that developed the game, Niantic, has established itself as the flagship of the competitive world of video games to be released, before anyone, original idea of combining virtuality and reality in an instrument (mobile) which is essential appendage of our life, and through which we plan our vacations, we read the newspaper, we watch movies and evade us from the world.

My grandfather always told me, seeing as devouring the classics of science fiction, that ‘only liked the bizarre things’. Always gave the reason, but over the years I have found that my love of science fiction is closely related to my passion for history. Good science fiction is, interpreted seriously and from its depths, history will come. Matrix is here, Terminator also without catastrophism or nuclear holocaust, but with the incontrovertible proof that virtuality is not reality toy, but rather the reverse. Now virtual (Pokemon) is starring as the real world (the city, the zebra crossing, red light) becomes simple decorated, ‘a game screen’ that one must overcome to become skilled hunter these imaginary beings. I am interested Pokémon Go for absolute subversion, epistemological travesty of investment and planes. The primary, decisive and proactive physical reality, which limits our existence, is now snoot, impairment almost, the target moves us: the hunt for a being that does not exist and becomes digital object of desire and motive power of irrational actions. What it was once the foreground is now second, and what was second, turn to first?

This leads me to the conclusion that the human being is, always, a Don Quixote in essence (hence the universal wisdom of Cervantes in his novel), it needs passion for exercise, passions even invented that give meaning to a life devoid of sense. But there are more specific reasons for this spectacular success, and unexpected, Pokémon Go. The recently it has shelled in a digital diary Miguel Paniagua, professor of the Masters in game design at the University of La Rioja.

Paniagua says that besides nostalgia profitable Pokémon raise for a whole generation -first staged a successful video game in 1996 and after a famous cartoon series in 1997, this remastered version of the ‘pocket monsters’ (Pokémon version English contraction Pocket Monster) succeeds because it offers the user two elements without which any digital product works: mobility and personalized consumption. You can take it anywhere and fits perfectly, what you need at that moment. The game connects to the GPS signal and your phone locates you. It is able to know where you are at that moment: in the park, on the beach, in the mountains, at home.

Another reason for the success is due to the fact that the game encourages the collector desire and the feeling of exclusivity that many people harbor. Have hunted to 150 virtual bugs swarming the planet and possess the rarest of them all gives a plus among friends, with the girlfriend or work that undoubtedly satisfies the ego in the midst of a daily reality so gray sometimes so dull, so difficult. All seek, even at the expense of any Pokémon, our little moment of glory.

And when that moment of glory enjoyed in equipment, much better, given that the human being is gregarious by nature and immediately identifies a group which gives everything and who should passionate loyalty. Go Pokémon also encourages this gregarious impulse that characterizes us, because the player can join three teams -‘valor ‘,’ wisdom ‘or’ instinct’- that serve as a competitive platform against rivals. And Ortega said the society characterized by the emergence of the masses in public and private spaces steal our identity. We stopped being unique to confuse the crowd, we dilute the fashions and currents (Pokémon Go is pure fashion), because that is where we are sure, side by side with others who share our team, our drift, our movement toward nowhere, our run without brakes or destination.

As ‘exist is to resist’ as live is to fight and struggle involves effort, is more comfortable confused with the mass, the crowd, with the group, because that efforts are shared and minors, and the individual ceases to be at the weather of existence.

If to this we add that this game is accessible, simple and free, success is sure, because it is based on understanding, for the subsequent economic profitability, fundamental elements that define the human being: his desire to stand out and be important; their need to feel safe in this struggle; their eagerness to store and accumulate for later exhibition goods at the time and considered valuable context (150 Pokémon designed so far) and, finally, his existential flight (provided below) of a real world that does not satisfy you.

In addition to these causes, the success of Pokémon Go is explained by the cultural context that surrounds us: Postmodernism. Investment / misrepresentation of the real plane and the virtual to which I alluded above is a result of our disorientation at all levels. Eight seem to give equal 80, the truth lies. Torn down certitudes, located our life in a pure crossroads of bifurcated paths, you bartered responses pure old question, it is logical that a Pokémon has a greater range of effective reality than a car horn warning of imminent danger. So, everything is possible until Rajoy is president and minister of Culture Pikachu.

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