Pokémon GO easy trick: how to create new PokéStops and gyms

The craze for Pokémon grows and grows. Now we present a must to succeed in the game trick. One of the essential things for any coach worth their salt GO Pokémon is carrying backpack always loaded properly. Pokéballs, potions, incense and other items needed for a good day of catching Pokémon, which supply us we can go to the nearest Poképarada. But this is not so easy for those who live in rural or more remote areas of large cities, since in many cases perhaps I have only one point in which to refuel, and not very close.From now on, the game will give the option to create your own PokéStops and gymnasiums.

Niantic, video game developer, puts a form available to users to create their own PokéStops and even gyms. Those who want to make some point in their town a place of pilgrimage for coaches, just have to access the official website of Pokémon Go and make representations.

Moreover, in addition to creating them, Pokémon Go also offers the option to request removal of any PokéStop or gym in case you are in a dangerous place, private property or if there are any errors in these.

Another objective of Niantic to improve the performance of Pokémon GO is trying to solve placement problems gyms and stops, with the purpose of that is not annoying addressing trainers in private areas, and anyone can jump into your garden beat the last winner of the gym located there.

How to save mobile data?

There are more things that concern Pokémon GO users, such as mobile data consumption that many users has led them to a higher cost of the bill. Therefore he has been provided with Google Maps advice to avoid this exacerbated consumption.

Reddit user Thoraway96388 Pokemon Go facilitated a simple explanation. The game uses information from Google Maps. Simply download maps to use them without an Internet connection. Another option recommended from other places is to connect to a WiFi network to download the same. So we avoid that is loaded each time you access the game from its official website .

How to save battery?

Another major complaints from users of Pokémon GO, other than the data consumption is the great speed at which depletes the battery of the mobile device. Therefore, many users who wonder how to save battery GO Pokémon.

To do this, just go to the options tab the game itself presents and select ‘battery saver’ option, which will make the game consumes much less energy.

Similarly, another way to save battery GO Pokémon is to disable the option Augmented Reality hunt when copies since rapport with the camera makes the mobile use more resources.

Finally, you can also save energy by decreasing the brightness Pokémon GOmobile device, which will make the transitions animation video game look less and therefore do not spend enough to leave the phone to zero.


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