Pokémon GO: How to capture Ditto?

Pokémon GO each day holds new surprises, from the possible locations of Pikachu up bugs that you cannot always hunt.

Let’s start by explaining that Ditto is a normal Pokémon type of the first generation. Its gelatinous form and make it modified DNA to reproduce with almost any other Pokémon.

But what about Ditto? Why nobody has legally? The answer is simple: The game developers, which are a raunchy, have saved several aces up his sleeve and this is one of them.

Among the main forums for information app they are coming to the conclusion that only can hunt Ditto if you discover puzzles and cabals that are hidden in the game. Cabals and rename certain Pokémon or more identical hunt bugs in the same spot day after day. Make no mistake, this makes the game much more addictive and attractive. So we never are bored playing.

However, you can find the YouTube video of a hacker modifying the structure and codes of the game has gotten Ditto appears on the streets of their city. I wish we could explain how this is done, but we fear that if you have very advanced programming skills and cyber security will be impossible and we have no idea, we will not cheat, hardly know how to use Snapchat.

In addition we suggest you not cheat in the game, yesterday we learned that Nintendo and Niantic are already retaliating against pirate’s app, penalizing and banningservers.

Keep fighting and grow your Pokedex.


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