The clever tricks hatching eggs in Pokémon GO

When Pokémon GO left one of his great virtues was that encouraged players to go out and walk. One of the charms of the game is standing on the sofa at home is impossible to complete the collection of creatures. Go outside allows the user to meet new pokémons, battling in gyms and incubate the famous eggs.

The application of Niantic and Nintendo includes the option of hatching eggs to prompt the exercise. They are of three types: two kilometers, five and ten. As can be easily this means that the egg will hatch when the player walks that distance. There will one of the monsters of Pokémon GO longer distance and are ideal for the characters that costs more to find the street.

To avoid pitfalls application creators devised a system whereby the steps are not counted if a certain speed is exceeded. This means that the incubation not count if the ‘Pokémon Trainer’ are traveling by car, train or transport which is to be more than 20 km / h. Thus the player is forced to walk or, at most, to cycling.

But now the streets of almost everyone are flooded with young people hooked on your smartphone and ‘pokeparadas’ there and whom they have been engineered to perform tricks that allow them to incubate their eggs GO Pokémon without getting tired.

In Spain the Valencian youtuber Perxitta has shown this week a simple technique that has allowed him to hatch an egg five kilometers effortlessly. “I stuck my phone to a remote control car and while people walk around with this heat I sit (on a bench in the shade) and the car walk until the egg is broken,” he explained Tuesday in a video. He achieved his goal, but the Pokémon that broke the shell was a disappointing Ekans, one of the most common and easy to find in the game.

In Japan they have gone a little further. It was one of the last countries where the game came officially to the despair of fans. Many users want to regain lost there in relation to other countries like the United States or Spain time. There have emerged many tricks shared on Twitter where wit is the main tool.

There are people who engage their mobile to a ‘dog robotic walker’, others get together with some friends to clean house putting the smartphone over the independent vacuum cleaner robots and neither are those who recover loft their old electric trains to include your terminal GO Pokémon between ‘passengers’.

These tricks are funnier than effective, since in most cases the mobile phone repeats again and again a tiny tour. When they are so short distances the GPS just note movement and the player will be wasting your time. Here it is worth recalling what explained Nick Johnson, the first to complete the Pokédex 142 pokémons available .He managed to crack more than 200 eggs in her quest and recommended that the ideal was always walk straight to the smartphone recognizes kilometers traveled well. Meanwhile, Joaquin Vazquez invited players to use the bike. “For people fond of cycling is very simple unhatched eggs, you would never notice when you’ve cracked a large number of them, ” he. It remains to be heeding the experts.


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