The launch of ‘Pokémon GO Plus’ will be delayed until September

The Pokémon Company, a subsidiary of Japanese giant Nintendo video games, has announced that it will launch the ‘Pokémon GO Plus’ device this month as planned and will delay marketing until September.

The announcement was made in two messages through the social network Twitter by the European and US subsidiaries of Nintendo, which local media assume that the release of the product will be delayed in all markets.

Some, like the business daily Nikkei, consider postponing answered in turn update ‘Pokémon GO’, the hit game for smartphones with which it interacts apparatus, has been delayed and it will be necessary to update the device to work with this new version.
‘Pokémon GO Plus’ is a tool similar to a watch that can be worn on the wrist, attached with a clip or in a pocket and connected with the game.

The device, with a cost around about $ 35/35 euros, vibrates and flashes when there is a ‘pokeparada’ or pokémon nearby which can be captured with the contraption without using the phone.

Since its launch last July 6 game ‘Pokémon GO’ has been a resounding success and has become a worldwide phenomenon.

The application, developed by the Niantic American and published by The Pokémon Company, is to catch and collect monsters based on the popular Japanese franchise ‘Pokémon’ by a GPS system and a camera phone, then make them compete with other players.

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